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New Zealand Zero - Zero Fossil Fuel Cherries


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Zero fossil fuel cherries

2023/24 Cherries Sold Out!

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Sunday 8th October

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Export Grade, Zero Fossil Fuel Cherries - Currently Sold Out

Shop Zero Fossil Fuel

Shop Zero Fossil Fuel

Our Customer Reviews

Zero fossil fuels. 100% perfection!

Everything about our experience has been first class from ordering your delicious cherries to the delivery of them in carefully packaged attractive boxes. Just ordered chocolates & the personal service has been impressive as well.


The cherries were incredible!

The cherries were incredible! It was so good to pre-purchase in winter and have them arrive after Xmas when I couldn't have as easily afforded them. The customer service was exceptional - I love that you text replied to my online query and you were super helpful :-)


The best cherries ever!

These were the best cherries I’ve ever had. Plump and so tasty. Personally delivered with a big smile and now I know why - YUM
They lasted well (I ordered 5 boxes) and not one bad one amongst them.


NZ Zero

Our Approach

NZ0's approach revolves around three central themes:

  1. Climate. Growing food without the use of fossil fuels is the most effective form of emissions reduction in horticulture.
  2. Innovation. Bringing advanced electric technology to farm to drive efficiency and quality.
  3. Transparency. Sharing our electric journey with everyone interested is the best way to rapidly accelerate change.
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NZ0 on Rural Delivery Program


NZ0 Certification

Working with AsureQuality, we developed the NZ0 certification. A key step in rebuilding consumer trust by providing an authentic and trustworthy certification, while eliminating green-washing that leaves the consumer and growers unsatisfied and frustrated.

While robust, the NZ0 Certification is simple in structure with the expectation that all fossil fuels from the farm or orchard are no longer used, or have already been removed.

AsureQuality's role as independent auditor is to maintain consumer trust in the certification and provide assurance that these changes are permanent and adhered to through a regular auditing process.

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