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NZ0 Certification

Independently audited by AsureQuality NZ.

NZ0 Certification

A Zero Fossil Fuel Initiative

As NZ0 embarked on our mission to develop and provide the most sustainable food possible, we began to understand the complexities and common confusion around emissions, pollution and even what zero carbon certification means.

We soon discovered that we weren't alone in this confusion, we all want to choose products that are better for the environment, and for us, so we look for the right certifications to ensure we are choosing the most suitable options possible. But what do all those certifications and definitions mean?

Naturally, this confusion created a communication problem for NZ0 and our goal of fossil fuel free foods and how the industry, consumer and wider public perceives that. We could quite easily become zero carbon certified, with a reduction plan and a few dollars to offset our emissions, but this didn’t feel, or sit quite right with us.

If a business offsets their pollution to become ‘net zero carbon’, the question remains how much have they actually changed their behaviour, if at all? In our opinion, this point of difference between offsetting and actual zero fossil fuel use in critical.

It quickly became clear to us that growers or producers that actively seek and remove all fossil fuel emissions from their growing process deserve a certification that helps to identify to the consumer this point of difference. This in turn helps to push the issue around offsetting vs zero fossil fuel use and encourages consumers to support this new gold standard of zero fossil fuel use through clear, guaranteed identification.

As a result, we reached out to AsureQuality and created a new type of certification programme. This programme aims to reflect the technological advancements now available to allow growers to completely remove fossil fuel combustion from their growing operations. 

The certification is also a key step in rebuilding consumer trust by providing an authentic and trustworthy certification, while eliminating green-washing that leaves the consumer and growers unsatisfied and frustrated.

While robust, the NZ0 Certification is simple in structure with the expectation that all fossil fuels from the farm or orchard are no longer used, or have already been removed. AsureQuality's role as independent auditor is to maintain consumer trust in the certification and provide assurance that these changes are permanent and adhered to through a regular auditing process.

Through the introduction of this new, zero fossil fuel standard, we are confident that consumers can trust that these growers are being held to account through regular, stringent audits and random site visits to ensure no fossil fuels are being used in the growing process.

The certification is a key step in rebuilding consumer trust by providing an authentic and trustworthy certification, while eliminating green-washing that leaves consumers and growers unsatisfied and frustrated.

Certification FAQs

Certification Documents & Downloads


Documents & Downloads

Certification Standard

Overview of the standard and requirements.

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Certification Scheme Rules

Overview of the certification scheme rules

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Certification Branding Specifications

Overview document regarding the certification mark and copywriting guidelines.

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Link to AsureQuality website with details about their background and credentials.

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